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Chris Molina (aka The Auburn Sky)

Los Angeles & San Diego



There is a good possibility I wouldn't be who or where I am today without the guiding influence of my family. My father an architect, older brother - a filmmaker, big sister - a photographer/graphic designer. While they never taught me formally, somehow I managed to absorb fragments of their footsteps, turning those into my own shaped path.

Music has always been a driving catalyst for my imagination - provoking photography as a form of self expression towards wandering thoughts, emotions, and often misplaced soundscapes. Electronic music and particularly the work of Underworld along with their multidisciplinary collective TOMATO spoke volumes to my sphere of cerebral ideologies. I became active in photography though covering the early days of Los Angeles electroinc/dj culture while completing art school and continued to work towards an emphasis on live bands, experimental imagery, and design.

Current Gigs:

Creative Director + Point Photograoher, The

House Photographer, The Luckman Fine Arts Complex

Contributor Photographer, Live Nation

House Photographer, Spaceland Productions/The Echo/Echoplex

Contributor Photographer, Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Point Photographer, Make Music Pasadena


For jobs, pricing, just to say "hello" drop me a line here - : p: 310.562.2056. All images are under copyright. If you are interested in using any photos, images or works from this site, please contact me for permission first.